Wednesday Words: Stress Less

  1. M says:

    I so so need to de stress right now and I do not even have a regular job.I help take care of my parent who are older and I help with my sisters young children.Right now my mother just had her second aortic dissection in less than six months (It is a 12 hour or so surgery). She has been in the hospital for a week and a half but the surgery just took place last Friday into Saturday. Less than a year ago my father had a stroke. He is OK (he has lost some of his balance but he is doing ok). So in less than a year I have been dealing with all of this plus the sister that I said I help with her children has a 14 month old who is a special needs heart patient too and just underwent her 4or 5th heart surgery her self.I am taking today at least to decompress and tomorrow I will go to an acupuncture appointment I have and see what they can help in regards to de-stressing.Enjoy your time off and relax.

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