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  1. Mae-Gene Yew says:

    I’m a huge fan of writing long captions on Instagram, and had no idea there was a term for it! It’s such a great idea, especially if you’re trying to grow your business, people definitely resonate more when you share more!

  2. Mollie says:

    GREAT tips Stephanie!! This is exactly how I use my IG account, but it’s my lowest priority account, so I’m terribly inconsistent with it. But I love using it to test out topics and also write longer posts than most people do on IG.I pinned this post and shared it with my mastermind students too, that’s how much I liked it. Thanks for sharing it in the hive group. 🙂

  3. I love this idea, especially posting around themes. I stayed away from Instagram for the longest time. But once I figured out it was about stories as well as images, I was on board.

  4. Carina Herman says:

    This is a great take! I agree with Melanie, the focus of a theme is a helpful idea for kicking of the writing process. Thanks for sharing your technique.

  5. Gabrielle Norton says:

    So true! I try to be as authentic as possible in my Instagram story-telling. The pretty photo catches the eye, but the reader really wants to get to know you more personally or hear more about the story behind the photo. It’s definitely harder than saying “here are some pretty flowers from this weekend’s wedding” but it gets readers to interact more!

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