Extreme Home Makeover: Backyard Edition

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  1. […] preparation for my backyard BBQ housewarming party, I tried to compile a list of “lemonade-inspired” drinks to […]

  2. […] corner, I couldn’t wait to share my summer party inspirations & some DIY ideas for my Housewarming, a Lemonade + BBQ Party featuring some of my favorite citrus & summer colors: hot pink, lemon […]

  3. […] in the end I hosted over 80 people at my new house!!!  More details and posts to come on my “Extreme Backyard Makeover” but for now, just a sneak peek… (fire pit and BBQ bar is still […]

  4. […] weeks of planning and 24/7 construction work, our backyard and house were finally completed and we celebrated by hosting a joint birthday […]

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